Flooring installation. This sounds simple enough, right? It’s easy to do. Just pick something nice, put it down, and voila. Well, not quite. If you’ve ever found yourself knee-deep in pacific floor covering samples, you know it’s a bit like choosing what to watch on Netflix–overwhelming with too many options and somehow you end up sticking with what you know.

Let’s do it Barney-style, and go into the nitty gritty of how to put new shoes on your home.

It’s like picking out your flooring at a buffet. It’s hard to have everything. Hardwood floors may be classy but they are also high maintenance and not water-friendly. Laminate will always look great, without costing too much or trying to be difficult. Tiles can be cool, because they are resistant to water. But if you put them down the wrong way, your morning dance could turn into an adventure.

Then there is vinyl and carpet. Vinyl used to be a bit lame, but he got a facelift and now everybody likes him. It’s durable, easy to clean and won’t panic if someone spills anything. Carpet is the warm and soft old sweater of flooring. But, let’s be honest, if not taken care of, it will get stinky.

What do you want to use underfoot? Great! Installing the software is fun!

You’re awesome if you plan to DIY this thing! Measure twice, cut once. Be sure that your subfloor does not play rollercoaster, as nobody wants a wavy flooring. You can borrow or purchase tools. But you should have them. It’s not professional to try and cut tiles using kitchen scissors.

You’re thinking of calling in professionals? It’s a good idea if you are more Pinterest fail-style than HGTV chic. These guys can lay floors like no one’s business. Straight lines, no gaps and no mysterious bumps where Fido broke his bone the week before.

It doesn’t matter if you DIY or call in the cavalry: changing your flooring will change the game. The floor sets the tone in every room. Cozy here, snazzy elsewhere; it directs traffic. (“Keep those muddy shoes off my new rug! Keep those muddy boots off my new carpet!

Flooring is all about building memories. You can drop pancake batter without worrying about stained carpets on Sunday mornings. You can slide socks across hardwood flooring just for fun.

It might look like choosing and installing a new floor is as simple at first as herding kittens. You’re in the clear once you overcome that initial “where to even begin?” panic. You don’t want to waste your time on boring floors.

Remember these pearls of wisdom and keep them close. Every room is a canvas, waiting to be painted. Remember that every room is a canvas, waiting to be painted. It’s best if you don’t have any spills or drips. With patience, creativity and a bit of humor, building a sustainable house is one of the most important legacies that we can leave. Cheers!