Now let’s get started and find out all about leather jackets for bikers. Imagine that you are zipping down the road (under your safety helmet, people), and a leather vest is hugging around your torso. This is no ordinary leather vest. This vest speaks to you directly. This is the same as a close friend who knows every detail about you, but still sticks by.

Let’s first talk about the features of a great leather vest. You can select from different leathers. Ones are as tough and durable as your grandmother’s overcooked steak, while others have a softness similar to a puppy’s belly. Full-grain is at the top of the list. You can choose top grain if you don’t have the budget for full grain.

Craftsmanship? It’s important! You have probably bought things which fall apart quicker than a house made of cards in an aero tunnel. You’re right, it’s not much fun. The vests made well will last for years. Verify that the zippers are not prone to breaking at inopportune times.

Pockets aren’t just for keys. Your vest should have enough pockets for your daily necessities without looking like it’s hiding squirrel families.

Customization comes next. Consider your vest like a canvas, where you can express yourself. Add patches or club emblems. You can even add a cheeky sentence! Make sure that it says “you”.

Let’s not get lost in jargon. This Highway 21 Denim Vest with Iron Sights is cool. This vest is denim and leather with a fistbump style. Legendary Whitetails’ Men’s Journeyman Rough Shirt Jacket also comes in leather. It is a jacket with a sound that makes it seem like it will be fancy. And it is.