Get answers to all the common plastic and cosmetic surgical questions you have always wondered about continue reading. Some myths surrounding cosmetic surgery of face should be dispelled. Cosmetic surgery, if performed by an experienced and well-trained surgeon, can restore a face to its youthful, natural appearance. Unfortunately, cosmetic surgery on the face can change an individual’s identity or cause harm. Face cosmetic surgery has many myths which need to be debunked.

What will I look like after a Facelift Surgery?

If performed correctly, a face lift procedure will produce a face that looks more youthful. This will correct the sagging, and loss of fat in the face that happens with age. Incisions in the skin leave scars, but those placed correctly with minimal tension do not. Patients can return to their normal routines and no one will know.

I will look stretched out or stretched after a facial lift.

Absolutely not. When performed correctly, a facelift surgery will not give you a stretched or pulled – “windblown” – appearance. The purpose of the surgery is to reposition any tissue that has fallen over time or due to gravity. Unfortunately, if the deeper tissues are not considered as well as the surface skin, the result can be a pulled-out or stretched appearance. A well-trained surgeon can easily avoid a non-natural appearance.

My eyes won’t look like the culture I come from

Even though it is true certain ethnicities do have specific eyelid features, a surgeon with experience should be able preserve these features after surgery. Once again, it’s important to find a doctor who can recognize these issues before surgery. They should also have the training and knowledge necessary to correct them during surgery.

If I get a nose job, I can use someone else’s nose.

Understanding that the results of a procedure like rhinoplasty are always limited by the person’s underlying anatomy is crucial. Even if the nose from a popular actor or actress looks good on you and you like it, you still need to be able to breathe out of your nose. Before surgery, you should discuss with your doctor the desired outcome of the operation. Make sure that the physician can demonstrate to you that the surgeon is concerned about both the function and the beauty after the procedure. The most beautiful nose in the universe is of no use if you are unable to breathe from it.

When a plastic surgery is performed, there will be no scar.

This is perhaps one of most common myths. Unfortunately, any time the cut skin will leave a mark. The surgeon trained in cosmetic surgery is able to minimize scars by knowing how and where to incisions. A good facial cosmetic surgeon can hide scars on any part the face. This means that even hair stylists will be unable to tell if a patient has had surgery.