Painting techniques are a great way to make your walls look stunning. Let’s take a look at some creative interior design methods that add personality and depth to your space Pro Painters Melbourne.

The application of layers of colors over a primer coat is done by using a sponge, either a sea sponge or an imitation painting sponge. This technique adds a soft and porous look to any room. This technique is ideal for creating a cozy, welcoming atmosphere without overwhelming your senses.

This is the perfect choice for anyone who loves a little flair and drama. You can create patterns to mimic fabrics or waves by rolling a crumpled up rag down the wet painted wall. The beauty of rag rubbing is its randomness. No two strokes look exactly the same. Your walls will therefore be unique.

For something a little more avant-garde and sophisticated, you can’t go wrong with metallic paints. If you choose metallic paints such as silver, gold, and bronze to create an accent wall or stenciled patterns, the room will instantly feel more luxurious. Imagine how the surfaces shimmer when light hits them. You’ll feel like you’re decorating with jewels.

Distressing appeals to those who enjoy rustic charm. This technique involves sanding areas of natural wear with a solid-color paint. The result? A stunningly aged surface that is alive with stories.

Strie painting is French. It means “stripe” (or “streak”) This technique pulls through the paint glazing using brushes or even combs, creating fine lines to mimic linen texture. Strie works well in areas that are subject to heavy traffic such as hallways, dining rooms or other high-traffic places.

Do not forget to stencil–a fantastic way to introduce intricate, detailed patterns without the hassle (or cost) of wallpaper. Stencils let you unleash your creativity with precision on your walls.

Imagine yourself entering a dark room and seeing a wall with an ombre pattern. It will be as if you were watching the sky’s colors change at sunset. Ombre painting is a seamless transition of one color to another. This creates a serene and changing mood.

Finally, murals made a huge comeback in recent years. However, they have been updated with contemporary elements such as graphic design or pop art. The scenes can range from custom-designed landscapes and abstract compositions, to serve as focal points for any space.

Each brushstroke holds potential. Each choice of color sets a mood. Grab your brushes — the canvas awaits.