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DIRECTV allows you to enjoy your DVR in a way that no other television service provider can. With the Whole-Home DVR service, DIRECTV is revolutionizing the way you watch television. This unrivaled service allows you to enjoy your digital video recorder in a whole new way.

With DIRECTV's Whole-Home DVR, you are no longer stuck with the choices of either only enjoying your favorite recorded programming on your primary television or having to have a receiver with each TV. Instead, you need only one primary receiver, which also serves as your DVR, and smaller non-DVR receivers for all of your other televisions.

Free yourself from the clutter of having a bunch of bulky equipment laying about. With DIRECTV's Whole-Home DVR, you can streamline your entertainment experience by having only one primary receiver. The other receivers are small and unobtrusive, which enables you to create a less cluttered look in your television areas. This is especially great if you have a flat-screen television or enjoy a sleek, modern decor in your home.

DIRECTV's Whole-Home DVR brings your entertainment experience to a whole new level. This system allows for you to watch your recorded shows and movies in any room where you have a television. You can start watching a program in one room and continue enjoying it on any of your other televisions anywhere in your home. Pause your show in the first room, and you can resume from where you left off in the second. Now, with DIRECTV's Whole-Home DVR, you can enjoy your programming without ever missing a beat.

Plus, while you are enjoying up to two of the selections from your playlist, you can be recording two other programs to enjoy later. You are now in control of your entertainment in a way in which you never have been before. Watch the shows and movies that you enjoy when you are in the mood to watch them.

Never again will you have to choose between catching up on your favorite shows or watching a live event. No longer will you be tied to watching shows and movies according to someone else's schedule. No longer are you tied either to program schedules or what others in the household wish to watch. Enjoy the freedom and convenience that comes with DIRECTV's whole-home DVR service.

With DIRECTV's system, you can enjoy this service on up to 15 TVs. With the exception of recording, you can enjoy the same control over your DVR experience on each of your televisions as you do with the one that is connected to the primary receiver. No other television service provider offers such a service.

Everyone in the family can enjoy using this service, too. DIRECTV's whole-home DVR has been designed to be user-friendly. If you can operate a remote control for satellite television, you can use this system.

Expanding your system is easy to do as well. If you need to add another television to your system, all you need to do is call DIRECTV to request an additional receiver. With this quick call, you will soon have another small receiver and even more control over your entertainment options.

Come enjoy television in a whole new way. See what it is like to have unprecedented control over your entertainment options. With DIRECTV's whole-home DVR, you can do just that.

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