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Watching TV Will Never Be the Same

If you aren't using DIRECTV's HD DVR services, you're not fully experiencing HD TV. Subscribing to the DIRECTV HD DVR service allows you to watch your favorite TV shows in stunning, crystal clear, high-definition quality on your schedule. Instead of worrying about being home for your favorite programs or having to choose between the most popular prime time offerings, you can simply use the DVR scheduler to set your HD DVR to record your selections. As a DIRECTV subscriber, you have access to an enormous array of features and options, including state-of-the-art iPad® and computer apps.

Record Your Shows

By adding a digital video recorder to a DIRECTV HD receiver, you’ll have the ability to record up to 400 hours of standard-definition programming or 100 hours of high-definition programming. Even better, you can record two shows at once while watching a third, meaning you never have to miss out again when two of your favorite shows are on at the same time. With DIRECTV's DVR scheduler, you can set up programming subscriptions that automatically record your shows, even if the time or duration of your show changes.

Control Live TV

Along with being able to watch all of your favorite programming on your schedule, a DIRECTV HD DVR will allow you to pause and rewind live programming. Instead of waiting for a commercial or missing parts of what you are watching when the doorbell rings or you receive a phone call, simply pause your DVR and resume watching when you are ready. If you forget to pause, you can rewind up to 90 minutes of live TV.

iPad® and TV apps

In an effort to provide you the most TV watching options possible, the DIRECTV iPad® app has recently been launched. DIRECTV TV apps. allow you to watch movies and TV shows on your iPad®, anywhere in your home. If you want to watch a cooking show in your kitchen or a how-to show in your garage, simply bring your iPad® with you. You can also use your iPad® as a remote control for your DVR and even use the iPad® app as a DVR scheduler to setup and change your DVR recording settings remotely.
Even if you don't have an iPad®, you can still take advantage of being a DIRECTV subscriber by watching TV on your computer from a number of channels and premium networks. DIRECTV CINEMA™ allows you to rent the hottest and most recent movies and watch them on your TV, iPad®, or your computer. With the wide range of premium channels on DIRECTV, you have access to an enormous on-demand movie library.

HD DVR Features

DIRECTV is dedicated to providing the best watching experience possible, which is why their HD DVRs are filled with features and add-ons that make your TV watching experience that much better. If you can't remember when your favorite shows are on or are looking for a movie, simply use the "Find By" feature to locate them, instead of scrolling through pages of TV listings. Additionally, you have the ability to search for programming by title, actors or even keywords.
Another favorite feature of the HD DVR is On-Screen Caller ID. Instead of running to the phone in the middle of your favorite shows, caller ID information will automatically display on your TV, allowing you to instantly know if you need to take the call or if it can wait. Additionally, if it is an important call, you don't have to worry about missing anything because, with your HD DVR, you can always pause live TV or your recordings.
If you are a parent, you'll love the DIRECTV Parental Controls. They give you complete control over when your children are allowed to watch TV, and you can limit the ratings and channels of shows that they are allowed to watch. You can even set spending limits so that your children can rent on demand programming. With parental controls, you can be sure that what your children are watching is safe, even if you are not in the room.
If you are interested in a high-quality, high-definition programming with an enormous number of features, call 1-855-598-3433 for more information today.

^ Number of HD channels varies based on package. To access DIRECTV HD programming, HD equipment is required.

† Based on national offering of exclusive sports packages and other major sports programming in HD. Professional and collegiate sports subscriptions sold separately. HD equipment required.

‡ Limited movie titles available in 1080p. To view programs in 1080p, the following are required: an HD DVR (model HR20 or later), an HDMI cable connecting the receiver and the television, and a high-definition 1080p24 television. Not all models are compatible.
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