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DIRECTV On Demand and DIRECTV CINEMA™ Features and Benefits

In addition to receiving an enormous amount of high-definition programming with a DIRECT TV HD receiver, you also have the ability to order On Demand programming from the comfort of your home. While having a vast library of TV shows to watch using your DIRECT TV HD DVR can keep you entertained, movies are also an essential part of a complete TV package. This is why DIRECTV is so focused on providing you with the most recent movies through DIRECT TV CINEMA™ , even before Netflix and Redbox make them available.

With DIRECTV On Demand programming, you no longer have to worry about running out in the middle of the night to rent a movie or waiting for days for your disc to arrive in the mail. Instead, you can simply order a movie through your box, over the Internet or by phone in any room with the DIRECTV Whole Home DVR. Within minutes, you can be watching your selection, and you do not have to worry about late fees or mailing anything back.
DIRECTV provides subscribers with an enormous On Demand video library, including everything from Westerns, to Comedies, to Romances. Many releases are available in 1080p format and have Dolby surround sound and, just like with standard movie recordings, you have the ability to pause, rewind, and fast-forward.

DIRECTV is constantly updating its movie library with the newest releases, including providing you access to live events like MMA and UCF fights. They allow you to watch movies as soon as they are released on DVD, and they even make exclusive same day theater home premieres available to subscribers. If you subscribe to premium channels, such as HBO®, STARZ®, or CINEMAX®, you have access to a free On Demand database that includes episodes of hit shows and movies.

Whenever you purchase a DIRECTV On Demand movie, you have an All Day Ticket that allows you a full 24 hours to watch your selection. You also have the ability to watch your movie as many times as you would like. If your kids can not get enough of the latest animated blockbuster, you can play it for them as many times as they want during your rental period for no additional charge.
Along with being able to order movies in the middle of the night without leaving your home, you also have the ability to watch On Demand content with the DIRECT TV iPad® app or on your computer using TV apps. This allows you to watch your movies in any room in your home and through whatever device you choose. Additionally, since you can watch TV on your computer or iPad® as a DIRECTV subscriber, you are able to view free premium channel streaming through these devices as well.

With DIRECTV, you can view your favorite TV shows and movies on your schedule from the comfort of your home. DIRECTV programming is delivered in crystal clear HD quality and you can watch it on your TV, iPad® or computer. For more information about how you can take your TV viewing to the next level, call 1-855-598-3433 today.

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