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DIRECTV iPad® and Phone App Features and Benefits

If you are still paying the high rates of cable and you haven’t switched to DIRECTV yet because of all those cool TV apps that cable offers, wait no longer. DIRECTV now lets you watch TV on your computer with the DIRECT TV iPad®app. You can also watch DIRECTV on your phone with phone apps.

High Quality HD TV

When you switch to DIRECTV, you get the DIRECTV HD receiver that provides the highest quality of TV viewing. DIRECTV is 100% digital so that you receive the highest quality picture. Basic services of cable still use analog technology, which means you are not truly watching your local channels in HD on your HD TV. You are actually watching standard definition transmissions on many cable channels. Not only is picture quality superior with DIRECTV, but you also get CD quality sound with the DIRECTV HD receiver.
The fact is that when you have cable, you have bandwidth limitations, which means that the cable company must alternate between digital and analog signals, depending on the channel. When the signal travels through a physical cable, there is no way to get around these bandwidth limitations. Only a finite amount of data may be transmitted through the cable. With DIRECTV, you have no bandwidth limitations. Your signal is received from satellite. This means that all of your channels are 100 percent digital, and you receive the highest quality picture on every channel. Watch true HD on every channel with DIRECTV.
You may have become accustomed to your cable DVR. Switching to DIRECTV is a smooth transition. The DIRECTV HD DVR provides the same functionality and more than the cable DVR, complete with the channel selector and features that allow you to stream movies from popular movie rental sites. Play games, stream media, and record your favorite programs on the DIRECTV HD DVR.


Maybe you have the premium cable service that offers apps for your iPad®, phone, and computer that allow you to remotely set your DVR to record. When you switch to DIRECTV, you will have TV apps just as you do with your current cable service. The good news is that these apps are free with DIRECTV Everywhere. DIRECTV Everywhere allows you to watch your favorite programs, movies, and sporting events on your iPad®, your iPhone®, or you can watch TV on your computer from anywhere within your home. You can even use the apps to watch DIRECTV on your Kindle Fire. DIRECTV Everywhere allows you to remotely access DIRECTV CINEMA™ for on-demand DIRECTV movies.

The DIRECTV iPad® App

With the new DIRECTV iPad® app, you can watch movies and shows anytime, anywhere, with the DIRECTV iPad® app. You can even watch content from premium channels such as HBO®, CINEMA™, STARZ®, and Encore. The app is completely free and easy to use. Download the app from the DIRECTV website and download the app to your iPad®. Install the app and then open a web browser. Navigate to to browse 1000s of movies and shows.
That’s not all, though. You can access your home DVR with the app. You have complete control over your home DVR with the iPad® app. You also have access to the complete 14-day channel guide through the app.
If you are interrupted while watching your show on your iPad®, you can simply resume watching where you left off with the “Resume” feature. For assistance with the app, and to learn about additional features, just click the question mark at the top right of the screen. You can customize your viewing with the iPad® app, too. Select and set the channels you watch most through the app. Set parental controls and change settings to configure your viewing through the app. Access any Internet-connected HD DVR in your home with the app.
You can even use your iPad® as a remote control for the HD DVRs in your home! All of your DVR controls are available through the app, like fast-forward, rewind, pause, and stop. With a tap on the screen, you have complete control with the iPad® app.

The DIRECTV iPhone App

To use the DIRECTV iPhone® app, you simply download the app from the DIRECTV website and install the app onto your iPhone. Once you install the app, navigate to to access DIRECTV CINEMA™ from your phone. You can browse movies, select a movie and watch the movie right on your iPhone®. You can also set your DVR from your phone with the phone app, too. If you forget to set the DVR to record that important program, no problem! Just access your DVR from anywhere - remotely from your phone.
Even if you have an Android or another device, you can get the phone app for your device from DIRECTV. Versions of the phone app are also available for Blackberry, Palm, and Windows Phone 7 users. The app is free and easy to install. The iPhone® and Android apps enable you to stream content directly to your phone. Take control over your DIRECTV experience, watch movies and shows from your DVR, or from DIRECTV CINEMA&trade from anywhere with the DIRECTV phone app.
DIRECTV is more economical than cable and now, with the availability of phone and iPad® apps, there is no reason to continue paying the high rates of cable. Considering the superior quality you get with DIRECTV when compared to cable, along with the ability to access your HD DVR from anywhere with the new apps, there is no better time than now to lose the cable and get really connected with DIRECTV.

^ Number of HD channels varies based on package. To access DIRECTV HD programming, HD equipment is required.

† Based on national offering of exclusive sports packages and other major sports programming in HD. Professional and collegiate sports subscriptions sold separately. HD equipment required.

‡ Limited movie titles available in 1080p. To view programs in 1080p, the following are required: an HD DVR (model HR20 or later), an HDMI cable connecting the receiver and the television, and a high-definition 1080p24 television. Not all models are compatible.
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