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DIRECTV installation

DIRECTV Installation

DIRECTV installation is simple and free.

Each DIRECTV system includes free (up to four rooms) installation by highly qualified DIRECTV professionals. These professionals are equipped to deal with any home theater setup so that customers can experience a painless installation. With professional DIRECTV installation, customers can be assured that their system will be set up the right way the first time. New customers can enjoy their new DIRECTV programming right after installation. Some areas are even eligible for next-day installation. Prospective customers can speak with a DIRECTV representative for more details.

Step 1: Preparing for a New DIRECTV Installation

Prospective DIRECTV clients will need a clear view of the southern sky for optimal signal strength. DIRECTV dishes need an unobstructed line of sight, free from buildings and trees, to DIRECTV's global satellites. A DIRECTV professional installer can determine the best location when setting up a new system. DIRECTV's technicians are experienced at selecting the best location for a satellite dish installation.

Step 2: The Installation

During a standard DIRECTV installation, DIRECTV professionals will complete the following tasks:

Install the DIRECTV dish on a wall, roof, balcony or other ideal location.

Hook the DIRECTV receivers up to a television or home theater setup, including any audio or video players.

Check each part of the system with a complete test. This test will check for signal strength and quality.

Educate the customer about the basics of their new DIRECTV system.

Initialize the brand-new DIRECTV system.

Step 3: DIRECTV is Ready to Watch

Once the setup and installation is complete, new DIRECTV customers may begin watching their new programming. Customers can enjoy a diverse selection of channels, showing everything from sports to movies. Other highlights include music, news and special interest channels. DIRECTV's wide programming variety has a channel for just about anyone. New customers can plan on hosting a special sports night for their friends with a DIRECTV sport's channel subscription. Users can also enjoy one of several hundred newly released movies or thousands of older hit movies with DIRECTV CINEMA.

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Apartment Tenants Can Also Enjoy DIRECTV

Potential customers do not have to own their own home to access DIRECTV's services. Apartment and condo residents can also sign up. One DIRECTV dish can service an entire building. Renters and other residents of multi-family homes will need to consider a few extra steps before signing up for DIRECTV, however. The following steps help to ensure that a customer receives the best service available at their location.

First, renters and condo dwellers should approach their property manager, landlord or homeowner's association before ordering installation of a DIRECTV dish on the building's roof. Permission from the building's owner is necessary before installation can begin. If the property owner declines, new customers have other options available to them, including installation on a deck or balcony. As long as the dish's location has a clear view of the southern sky, any spot can work.

The Federal Communications Commission typically disallows homeowner's associations and local governments from creating and enforcing unreasonable restrictions on the installation of small satellite dishes. Interested individuals may learn more about these restrictions by visiting the FCC's official website.

Some prospective DIRECTV customers may discover that they must make significant modifications to their building to install a satellite dish. These modifications may extend beyond the scope of reasonable modifications listed in a rental or homeowner's agreement. DIRECTV requires condo dwellers and renters to seek written or verbal permission from the property owner before beginning any installation. Some individuals may find that their leases require no permission, but these individuals should thoroughly read their leases to be certain.

Once permission has been granted by the necessary party, new DIRECTV customers can begin the installation process by printing and signing DIRECTV's installation form. New customers will need to give this form to their professional DIRECTV installer when he or she arrives.

>> Download Landlord's Permission Form <<

How to Move and Keep Service

DIRECTV customers who move will find that their service goes wherever they go. As an added bonus over cable, DIRECTV will move a subscriber's service for free. DIRECTV's service is spread throughout the United States; customers who are planning a move just need to inform DIRECTV about the upcoming move. On the moving day, DIRECTV customers can simply leave the dish behind. DIRECTV will install a new dish at the customer's new location so that customers have uninterrupted service.

Thanks to DIRECTV's nationwide broadcasts, customers can enjoy excellent satellite TV the moment they arrive at their new home. Those who wish to experience quality, future-proof satellite TV should call DIRECTV immediately and ask about DIRECTV's additional high-tech services, such as DIRECTV 3D TV, DIRECTV2PC and Whole-Home DVR.

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