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Get the Ultimate Bundle with DIRECTV

When you bundle your Internet and telephone services with DIRECTV, you can save as much as $180 with a DIRECTV entertainment package. High-speed Internet and phone providers that offer DIRECTV bundles include

  • Verizon
  • AT&T
  • CenturyLink
  • Cincinnati Bell
  • Windstream

There is nothing in home entertainment to compare with DIRECTV packages. The nations’ largest satellite TV provider has some incredible deals available now.

Here are 7 Reasons to choose DIRECTV

Great Plan Choices

There are no fewer than five terrific DIRECTV programming plans to choose from. All these include up to 4,000 On Demand movies and TV shows! There are options for watching every major sporting event and so many other shows of every variety that it is almost hard to decide which one to choose.
There are DIRECTV plans for every household from the 140 channel Entertainment package to the amazing 285+ channel Premier package. It is hard to believe all the great programs that are available to you with these DIRECTV deals.

The Best Promotional Values

The sweet thing about DIRECTV promotions is that they always offer you the most TV experience for less. You just can’t find better deals than these. One example is in the DIRECTV bundle of TV with high-speed Internet and superior telephone service. You get the best satellite TV service possible anywhere from coast to coast. Add in a stable and speedy Internet access and you can surf the web, upload, download, and play online games.
Take advantage of the new Cloud software and available apps with their high-speed broadband access. Include your local and nationwide telephone service and you will have all your home communication services on one monthly bill. Eliminate the hassles of dealing with different providers for each service. DIRECTV bundles give you savings on all your packaged services.


Get your DVR from DIRECTV and you can view one show while recording others from any room in your home. Watching TV has never been this much fun or so easy. DIRECTV DVR units include the HD DVR, the Standard DVR, and their newest model: the Home Media DVR. This is the latest and greatest option with the ability to record up to 5 shows at a time and store up to 1,600 recordings.

DIRECTV New Technologies

One of the newest services available is DIRECTV Anywhere. This is one of the most sought after TV technologies today. It lets you view all your favorite programming on any mobile device. You can watch movies and other shows on your iPad®, tablet, cell phone, or computer. There are apps to download for any device you choose to watch TV shows on.
The new DIRECTV nomad™ even gives you the option to sync your recorded show playlist to your iPhone, Mac computer, PC or other devices. You can record your choice of shows and then choose what you want to watch later while you travel. This is all possible through DIRECTV DVR and the new nomad™ technology.

HD Quality for the Best in TV

If you enjoy HD programming with the clearest video and audio reception, DIRECTV has what just you need. Watching sports really gets you into the action when viewing with HD. The quality of the shows in HD is really amazing. Enjoy nature and travel shows? You will like them even more in HD from DIRECTV. You can expect that the best0loved satellite TV provider would bring you the best in HD TV.

NFL Sunday Ticket

With the DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket subscription and their new app, you can enjoy your football games on the go. Watch the game or record it at home, or view it on your mobile device with this great new app from DIRECTV. Never miss a play with DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket.

Best in Customer Service and Satisfaction

With DIRECTV customer service, there is always someone available to help when you need it. Friendly and quick response is online or on the phone ready to serve you. This is just one more reason that DIRECTV has been consistently rated the highest in customer satisfaction of any TV provider in the country. Why settle for less than the best?
Put it all together and DIRECTV promotions and DIRECTV specials are the best value in home entertainment anywhere today.

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