145+ Channels

Entertainment you want

$ 50
00 mo


150+ Channels

Value-packed package

$ 55
00 mo


175+ Channels

Beats cable

$ 60
00 mo


220+ Channels

Most popular package

$ 70
00 mo


240+ Channels

Movie-lovers package

$ 75
00 mo


315+ Channels

Top-of-the-line package

$ 125
00 mo

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Customize Your DIRECTV Package

Start by comparing these DIRECTV channel packages and then select additional equipment or upgrades, such as DIRECTV sports packages and DIRECTV movie packages. For a limited time, the exclusive to DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket is included with all DIRECTV packages, so call us today to order DIRECTV! Take your DIRECTV plan to the next level by adding additional channels and equipment. You won’t get this expansive selection from any other satellite television or cable provider!

DIRECTV installation

DIRECTV CINEMA™, Pay Per View, and Movies On Demand

Enjoy a plethora of entertaining experiences without having to leave your home! Watch the classic and current television shows and DIRECTV movies on demand, available on all DIRECTV plans. DIRECTV CINEMA™ lets you watch movies when they come out on DVD. DIRECTV Pay Per View features exclusive movies, sporting events, and concerts.

DIRECTV Movie Channels:

With DIRECTV, you can get the hottest Hollywood flicks right in your living room. When you select the PREMIER™ package, you can enjoy all premium movie channels. Want to tailor your options a bit more to your liking? You can choose to add networks individually. Choose one or more to enhance your package.

DIRECTV Family Package:

DIRECTV family channels and parental controls are included with every DIRECTV plan to provide entertainment and educational programming for all ages. Select a DIRECT HD receiver or HD DVR to get BabyFirstTV and more channels in high-definition.

Spanish and International Programming:

DIRECTV offers Spanish-language programming packages: EN ESPAÑOL™, MÉXICO PLUS™, and AMÉRICAS PLUS™. For the best programming from around the world, choose from BrazilianDirect™, Jadeworld® + Tai Seng Entertainment, FilipinoDirect™, KoreanDirect™, MandarinDirect®, RussianDirect™, HindiDirect®, and VIETDIRECT™.

  • NO extra charge for local channels.
  • NO startup costs & NO equipment to buy

Music Channels:

Get SonicTap radio for more than 80 channels of crystal-clear music with no interruptions. From hard rock to country, from pop to classic, you’ll get the most variety. Check the DIRECTV channel list for you DIRECTV package to find out which music channels are included.

Whether you are a movie buff, sports fan, news aficionado or something else, DIRECTV has great options for you. Come see what great entertainment looks like. Come enjoy DIRECTV!

  • Access to thousands of On Demand titles.
  • Watch movies and shows anywhere, on your laptop, tablet, or cell phone.
  • Lock in 2 years of savings! Save $25/mo in your 1st year AND $10/mo. in your 2nd year! NO redemption required.
  • FREE professional installation plus save $20 with FREE handling. Online Only!

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