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When you have a DIRECTV HD DVR receiver, your television viewing reaches a whole new level of entertainment experience. Enjoy your favorite programming in a way that you never have before. See your HDTV the way in which it was meant to be viewed.

With the DIRECTV HD DVR, you can enjoy a richer entertainment experience than ever before. Your favorite programs will hold a new richness that you never before imagined, and you will find that you enjoy them even more when you have the power to determine when, where and how you enjoy each program. With DIRECTV, you are in control of your viewing experience.

Hate missing what a character says in your favorite show? Want to re-watch that last news segment? With your DIRECTV HD DVR receiver, you can pause and rewind live TV programming. You never again have to wonder what you just missed, wait for commercial breaks or have to recap a program for someone who is just joining you. With this, you can enjoy your own "instant replays" of the moments that matter the most to you.

Do you worry that you might lose track of a series due to scheduling changes? DIRECTV has the solution! With your DIRECTV HD DVR receiver, you can take advantage of Series Link. This feature allows you to automatically record every episode of a series even if there are scheduling changes. That means no more having to worry about having to reprogram your DVR every time your favorite show gets a new time slot.

With your DIRECTV HD DVR, you can record up to 400 hours of your favorite programming. You can also enjoy one program while recording two others at the same time.

DIRECTV also makes it easy for you to find your favorite programs. You can easily search using the "Find By" feature, which allows you to locate a program not only by title but also channel, keyword or actor. There is no need to struggle to find the shows you wish to watch or record.

With the HD Extra Pack, you can enjoy an array of full time HD channels. This includes nine specialty channels that are available only in HD.

Want to know who is calling while you're watching your favorite show? With DIRECTV's On-Screen Caller ID, you can find out without ever having to leave the comfort of your sofa.

With DIRECTV's interactive capability, you can enjoy a variety of fun features. Whether you want to check the weather or find out the lottery results, you can do it by pressing the "Active" key. This will take you to the DIRECTV Active Channel, which boasts an array of features that allow your television experience to be a bit more interactive‡‡.

If you have children, you likely worry about what they are seeing on television. With DIRECTV's parental controls, you can help to keep youthful eyes from stumbling across programming that you do not wish for them to see. These controls allow you to set ratings, limit spending, control the amount of television watched and block any channel you feel is not appropriate for your children.

With your DIRECTV HD DVR, your entertainment experience is in your control. Whether it is remotely programming your DVR from your cell phone or setting bookmarks to find your place again in a program, you have the power.

When you choose DIRECTV's HD DVR reciver, you truly get a full entertainment experience that goes beyond merely watching television. Instead, you are immersed in the worlds of your favorite programs. You get a wide variety of programming choices. You also get a level of control over your experience that is unrivaled.

Want to know more about what DIRECTV can do for your entertainment experience? Check out all of the great HD Programming available via DIRECTV. Have questions or want to get the best in television? Just contact us, and we will be happy to help!
To access DIRECTV HD programming, HD equipment required. Number of HD channels based on package selection.
‡ Actual recording capacity depends on the type of programming being recorded.
‡‡ For full mix channel and interactive functionality, a D10 (or later model) interactive DIRECTV Receiver is required.
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