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DIRECTV is Your Choice for Great Music

DIRECTV is undoubtedly much more than a satellite TV provider. It is your source of the best in music that can be accessed, played, and controlled through your TV. If you love music, you can choose and thoroughly enjoy your favorites of any genre.

Sonic Tap

There are options galore with DIRECTV music channels. The technology used for music is Sonic Tap, which delivers the best audio quality and no interruptions in the music playing. This makes the listening experience excellent for even the most critical ear. If you have your DIRECTV receiver hooked up to your stereo, you can get phenomenal sound quality that rivals any digital sound performance.
Add to this the tremendous variety in music available and you can see why DIRECTV music is a massive bonus for subscribers. There are almost 100 music channels available on DIRECTV that cover every genre, from pre-programmed music for relaxation on the Tranquility channel, to 10 or more rock music channels that feature every type of rock music. Everyone can find a music channel they enjoy in any mood and at any time.

Pandora Internet Radio

The latest addition to DIRECTV music is Pandora, the popular Internet radio broadcaster that allows you to create personalized custom stations based on the music of an artist, and then define the way the selections from other similar artists are played. Pandora remembers your selections and tweaks the music you will hear based on your input. This is a great way to listen to new artists and discover some you may never have heard before, all the while having the new music blended with your favorites. Pandora is available on DIRECTV now, which adds even more reasons to love DIRECTV music. Pandora has replaced both DIRECTV XM Radio and DIRECTV Sirus as their radio style music source. See more information here

Streaming Media

DIRECTV can stream photos, videos, and other media from your computer. If you have a library of media content you can enjoy it on your TV using DIRECTV Media Share. This is just one more feature that brings all your home entertainment together through your TV. Why watch your videos on a computer screen when you can enjoy them on your TV?
DIRECTV music has the sounds you want to hear anytime, and with no commercials to interrupt the enjoyment! Pick a channel to listen to and it will play for hours uninterrupted. There is no substitute for the listening pleasure you can get from all the music in their line-up.
You will have the best selection in TV viewing, with the ultimate in HD reception along with the many choices in music all through your digital satellite receiver and DIRECTV.
The line up of live concerts and music specials on DIRECTV adds even more music to the great assortment of listening channels. Use your DIRECTV HD DVR to record and save your favorite live concerts for later viewing. Those great music award shows with the live appearances can be saved for anytime you feel like watching.

DIRECTV music: It just doesn't get much better than that for your home entertainment.

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