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DIRECTV for Business


When you order DIRECTV satellite TV for business, you’ll be able to give customers the ultimate TV experience with DIRECTV business rates. Did you know that 78% of DIRECTV for business subscribers believe that DIRECTV increases their business?

DIRECTV is the #1 satellite television service provider in America. Don’t trust the programming needs of your business to any other television service provider. Check out our DIRECTV Business Packages, and give your customers the best. Regardless of your customer demographics, DIRECTV can meet your television needs.

DIRECTV for Business can Increase the Value of Your Brand

With features that aren’t available anywhere else, you can please a wide spectrum of customers. Interactive Mix DIRECTV Channels let you show multiple network feeds on one screen. Broadcast Sports Mix with as many as eight sporting events on one screen. Only DIRECTV brings the NFL Sunday Ticket to your customers so they can enjoy up to 200 NFL games in HD, including 14 out-of-market Sunday football. After the game, Interactive News Mix displays up to six news networks at one time.

DIRECTV Business Packages Customized For Your Needs

Custom-fit your DIRECTV package with exclusive DIRECTV business rates and get the best satellite TV for your business that money can buy. Plus, take advantage of FREE marketing resources from DIRECTV to help you drive your business, including promotional materials, email tips and tricks, and quick answers to your questions about bringing DIRECTV into your business.
  • Bars & Restaurants - Your establishment could become the go-to spot for the best sports with NFL Sunday Ticket, ESPN GamePlan, NHL Center ICE®, and NASCAR HotPass™.
  • Offices - Provide the best up-to-the-minute news and information programming to your employees from all of the top news networks and local channels.
  • Stores, Gyms, Hotels, and Lobbies - Entertain your customers and guests with the best in HD programming while they wait, rest, shop, or work out. DIRECTV Music-Only packages offer over 80 SonicTap® Music Channels.
  • Dorms - Dorm life was never this good!
  • Hospitals - Lift the spirits of your patients to ease the difficulty of their stay.

With DIRECTV, you get the packages that fit your needs. Sports, business, news, travel, sitcoms, and more can keep everyone entertained. Choose from:
  • Office CHOICE™ Package: This DIRECTV business package gives you more than 140 channels of great programming.
  • Business CHOICE™ Package: This DIRECTV business plan is the most popular, offering more than 170 channels.
  • Commercial XTRA™ Pack: The name says it all. This DIRECTV business service gives your business "extra" with more than 180 channels.
When it comes to the best in entertainment and information options, DIRECTV is the clear choice. No other provider can give you this much. With the widest range of full-time HD channels and the most variety in sports programming, DIRECTV brings you the best that television has to offer.

Exceptional Results, Great Customer Service, and the Best Value

In addition to great DIRECTV Business services, you can feel confident in knowing that providing your customers with DIRECTV for Business won't break the bank. With packages starting as low as $19.99, there are DIRECTV business rates that are sure to be a comfortable fit for any budget.

Not only do we offer DIRECTV business packages at outstanding prices, you get award-winning customer service. Your needs are the top priority. You can enjoy great television options and choose music-only packages. DIRECTV offers more HD channels than any competitor. Offering top-quality to customers is important, and that is exactly what DIRECTV strives to do each day.

Ready to get great television service from the best in the business? iSatelliteTV is here to help you. iSatelliteTV is a top DIRECTV business dealer. If you are looking for a knowledgeable, experienced dealer to assist your business in meeting its television services needs, iSatelliteTV can do just that.

Contact us today. We will be happy to answer your questions and to provide your business with the best DIRECTV Business Package for your customers.

DIRECTV offers the best in satellite television. Come enjoy the quality and value that DIRECTV has to offer by ordering today!

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