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Compare DIRECTV vs. DISH Network

When comparing DISH Network vs, it soon becomes evident that there really is no comparison. DIRECTV is, quite simply, America's top satellite television service provider. Just ask 30 million Americans who have chosen to make DIRECTV a part of their homes.

While more people have chosen to turn to DIRECTV, DISH Network has been losing customers. During a period of just three months in 2009, DISH Network's numbers plummeted by 94,000 customers. Cable television also did not fare well. That is because more people are discovering that, when comparing DIRECTV vs DISH Network or cable, that DISH Network and cable television simply cannot compete.

When you compare DIRECTV vs DISH Network in regards to HD channels, the winner is clear. DIRECTV offers more HD channels than DISH Network. With DIRECTV, you can enjoy more than 170 full-time HD channels. This includes ESPN, CNN, The Discovery Channel, and many other favorites.

In the match-up of DIRECTV vs Dish Network in the area of sports, it is again no contest. DIRECTV clearly leads when it comes to access to all of your favorite sports coverage. For a sports fan, DIRECTV has it all. DIRECTV Sports Packages give you everything from NBA to golf. Plus, nowhere else can you enjoy NFL SUNDAY TICKET or NASCSAR HotPass.

That's not all, though. DIRECTV offers more in many other ways. Compare DISH Network vs DIRECTV when it comes to being able to see multiple things at once. Who else has Interactive Mix channels that allow you to view up to eight channels at once on one screen? Hint: It's not DISH Network.

Want another way in which DIRECTV wins in the DIRECTV vs DISH Network comparison? Only one allows you to access your favorite shows in HD online anywhere you have an Internet connection. With the free DIRECTV2PC application, DIRECTV lets you enjoy your programming wherever you and your computer are. That's definitely something that you cannot do with DISH Network or cable.

It is only DIRECTV that allows you to enjoy the freedom of being able to program your HD DVR remotely from any cell phone or computer. With DISH Network, you are tied to being in the same room as your television. Want to record a favorite show due to working late? You'd better hope that there is someone home to set that up for you if you have DISH Network or cable.

When looking at DIRECTV vs DISH Network, it is clear that only one gives you freedom in your entertainment experience. Not only does DIRECTV enable you to watch your favorite programs online and allow for you to remotely set your home HD DVR to record, you also can enjoy your recorded programs on any television with a DIRECTV receiver in your home.

If you want the best entertainment experience from the leading company in the business, the choice is clear. Only DIRECTV delivers so much entertainment value. No competitor even comes close.
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