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Discover why more people choose DIRECTV over the top cable providers nationwide when you compare satellite TV to the competitors.
DIRECTV has the highest rate of customer service satisfaction over cable for more than a decade, and in one year, they gained more customers than ten of the top cable companies combined. After completing a quick satellite TV comparison, consumers can easily understand why more people are satisfied with DIRECTV than any cable provider.

Indulge Your Sports Cravings

DIRECTV will satisfy your sports hunger better than any cable provider will, hands down. When you compare DIRECT TV vs. cable, you can see that the sports coverage offered by cable just does not compare. They provide the ultimate NASCAR experience, as well as more soccer, PGA golf, and tennis coverage than the top cable providers. Love NFL? DIRECTV NFL SUNDAY TICKET provides all out of the market NFL games on Sunday and you get the most sports in HD so that you can view all the high-energy action with picture perfect clarity. DIRECTV is simply the best choice for sports lovers nationwide.

Experience the Latest in Technology

Forget the days of fighting over who gets to use the DVR with the DIRECTV Whole Home DVR. It lets you watch your recorded HD shows in 15 different rooms. You can even start a show in your living room and then finish it in the den or your bedroom. Managing your DVR scheduler and playlist has never been easier than before because you can control playback from any television in your home. Cutting edge technologies such as SmartSearch and streaming NFL SUNDAY TICKET games to your mobile device or computer are just not available with cable providers. And don’t forget most movies play in stunning 1080p resolution.

See It All in HD

When comparing cable vs. satellite, how many HD channels providers offer is an important consideration. DIRECTV clearly shines through here, with over 170 HD channels for your crystal clear viewing pleasure. Think you can’t get Blu-ray clarity without buying the movie in a store? Think again! DIRECTV plays more movies in 1080p than the top cable companies. Even better, new customers can enjoy DIRECTV HD without paying anything extra.

Top Rate Customer Satisfaction

Still not sold on the quality and benefits of DIRECT TV channels? Consider this, DIRECTV has the least amount of customer complaints than all other TV providers. They have had a higher rating of customer satisfaction than cable providers have for 12 consecutive years. And once customers make the switch to DIRECTV, they don’t switch back. DIRECTV has the highest customer loyalty of any television provider amoung cable or satellite. All of these facts combined make DIRECTV the top satellite provider in the United States.

More Value for Your Money

Need more proof that satellite vs. cable is just no competition? DIRECTV offers more features, HD channels, and has access to new movie releases, sometimes before you can even get it on Netflix®. DIRECTV gives you top value for your dollar. They even include On Demand for no additional charge, so you have instant access to thousands of shows and movies with a click of your remote. DIRECTV also provides free equipment upgrades and free standard installation making your cash stretch even further. When you compare DIRECT TV vs cable, DIRECTV simply has more value and quality.


With more HD channels, more sports, and a higher rate of customer satisfaction, XFINITY simply does not compare. Furthermore, DIRECTV offers a whole home solution, allowing more options for watching recorded shows in multiple rooms. In addition, DIRECTV offers more value for your money when compared to the options Comcast’s XFINITY offers. Only XFINITY’s most expensive package offers even close to the same amount of sports coverage. And because they do not offer a similar feature as the Interactive Mix Channels, watching several of your favorite games at once simply is not an option.

Time Warner vs. DIRECTV

Time Warner has never achieved number one in customer service. DIRECTV has for twelve years in a row. For people who depend on great DVR service to keep up with their favorite shows, Time Warner is simply does not measure up. DIRECTV offers twice as much space to record shows up to 400 hours in SD. If you want to view more channels in HD, DIRECTV is the clear choice as they provide over 20 more HD channels than Time Warner. In addition, Time Warner only allows you to watch your DVR recordings on four different TVs, while DIRECTV allows up to fourteen.

AT&T U-verse vs. DIRECTV

AT&T is another provider that does not have the DVR options or the customer satisfaction and loyalty of DIRECTV. With only 233 hours of SD recording space and limited simultaneous playback capabilities, AT&T does not come close to the options that DIRECTV provides. Also, their Multiview channel option only allows sports fans to watch four matches at once. DIRECTV allows up to eight NFL games and six tennis matches at once, and they provide instant access to sports scores simply by pressing a button. AT&T also charges extra for HD access unlike DIRECTV.

Cable vs. DIRECT TV: You Decide

DIRECTV beats cable in every category including value, DVR options, sports coverage, customer service, the list just goes on when you compare cable vs. satellite. While some cable companies may say their service is better because it is underground, they gloss over the fact that they often have unpredictable price hikes, poor programming choices, and poor customer support. So why go with sub-par TV service? Call 1-855-598-3433 and schedule your installation today!

^ Number of HD channels varies based on package. To access DIRECTV HD programming, HD equipment is required.

† Based on national offering of exclusive sports packages and other major sports programming in HD. Professional and collegiate sports subscriptions sold separately. HD equipment required.

‡ Limited movie titles available in 1080p. To view programs in 1080p, the following are required: an HD DVR (model HR20 or later), an HDMI cable connecting the receiver and the television, and a high-definition 1080p24 television. Not all models are compatible.
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