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Compare DIRECTV to the Competition

Compare satellite TV providers to DIRECTV to discover that DIRECTV gives you the best experience in entertainment and quality service. Did you know that every eight seconds, somebody switches to DIRECTV? Conduct your own cable and satellite TV comparison, and you will notice that you can't get more for your money from other television providers.

DIRECTV is the best value.

When you order DIRECTV, you will have access to the most popular movies and shows on the most popular channels, plus programming on exclusive DIRECTV channels. Compare DIRECTV prices to the competition and get the entertainment that you deserve.

DIRECTV has more HD programming.

There are over 190 DIRECTV HD channels with full-time high definition programming. You won't find that much variety on DISH Network or cable. We have the most 1080p HD programming, the same format as Blu-rayTM, on DIRECTV movies on demand.

DIRECTV Sports Packages have more sports.

Only DIRECTV has the NFL Sunday Ticket. With DIRECTV sports packages, you can watch every NFL out-of-market game on Sundays. Wherever you live, DIRECTV covers your favorite teams, from soccer to hoops, from wrestling to tennis. Watch and record up to 5 events at once.

DIRECTV customer satisfaction ratings are higher.

For twelve years in a row, DIRECTV customer satisfaction ratings have been higher than cable. It's no surprise that, in one year, more families chose DIRECTV than a combination of the top 10 cable providers. (As compared to the largest national cable providers. 2012 American Customer Satisfaction Index.)
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